Project objectives

Objective 1

The design of a 12U-CubeSat low-earth-orbit satellite offering combined capabilities for communication secured by QKD and for 5G connection for Internet of Things (IoT)

Objective 2

The development of satellite payloads, sub-systems, and the corresponding ground stations

Objective 3

The study of the implementation feasibility of the network

Specific objectives of the project are:
  1. Design of a nano-satellite with both QKD and 5G capabilities for low orbit satellite-to-ground communication
  2. Design and development of the quantum payload and ground station.
  3. Laboratory demonstrations of the critical components and subsystems.
  4. Theoretical study of future technologies: inter-satellite QKD and integration of QKD security into 5G protocols.
  5. Exploitation and business plan for the 5G-QKD satellite.